The Best Chino Hills Dentist for Cosmetic Contouring

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If you have been searching for the best Chino Hills Dentist, look no further than Dr. David S. Han from VIP Dentistry. Not every Chino Hills Dentist takes the same approach. When you schedule an appointment with this Chino Hills Dentist, you will soon discover that Dr. Han is a Chino Hills Dentist that offers services such as cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, full mouth reconstruction, implants, crowns, fixed bridges, dentures, root canal therapy, tooth extraction, gum or periodontal therapy and sedation dentistry

man_smilingAccording to Wikihow, your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you, and if your teeth are chipped or discolored it is time to schedule an appointment with a Chino Hills Dentist. Your Chino Hills Cosmetic Dentist can provide you with tooth bleaching or whitening, immediate orthodontic treatment, composite veneer bonding and cosmetic contouring. When you make an appointment with your Chino Hills Cosmetic Dentist, he and his professional team from VIP Dentistry will be able to determine what treatment is best for your particular needs.


Cosmetic contouring is a procedure that will reshape your teeth instantly. When your Chino Hills Dentist cosmetically contours your teeth, your smile will be magically transformed in just one appointment. If your teeth are crowded, make an appointment with the best Chino Hills Dentist, VIP Dentistry. Just like a magician, Dr. Han has the ability to create an illusion of alignment and uniformity without anesthesia.  


Cosmetic contouring can help with all sorts of conditions including small chips or fractures, long teeth, and uneven teeth. Contact your Chino Hills Dentist if you have front teeth with sharp edges or front teeth that are worn. 

By reshaping your gum tissue with cosmetic gum contouring, your Chino Hills Dentist can give you the confidence you need to flash those pearly whites. Excessive gums give the appearance of short and stubby teeth, but when you schedule an appointment with VIP Dentistry your gorgeous smile will no longer be hindered. Cosmetic gum contouring is a safe and effective procedure that will improve your smile.  


Stop covering your mouth when you speak and request an appointment online, or call the Chino Hills Dentist office. It’s amazing how much confidence you have when you are not afraid to smile.

Take a peek inside our Chino Hills Cosmetic Dental Office

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Thanks for watching our video.  Our entire team prides itself on the most caring, warm and friendly dental care possible.  Dr. Han is a true perfectionist and we look forward to meeting you.

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Before & After Patient Portfolio by Dr. David S. Han, D.D.S., a cosmetic, implant and general dentist in Chino Hills, CA. This video shows an accurate and precise dentistry that is beautiful and long lasting by Dr. Han’s highly acclaimed Comprehensive, Esthetic and Occlusal (CEO) approach.

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Dr. Han delivers an accurate and precise dentistry that is beautiful and long lasting by applying the highly acclaimed Comprehensive, Esthetic and Occlusal (C.E.O.) approach to dentistry in a comfortable, safe and relaxed environment.*

Dr. Han is a gnathologist, a dentist who studies the chewing (masticatory) system, including its physiology, functional disturbances, and treatment. His passion is to provide his patients with the personalized and optimal dental care by continuously studying, and to teach other dentists the principles and techniques of occlusion (bite) based dentistry.


Chino Hills Sedation Dentist Dr. Han Talks About Sedation Dentistry

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VIP Dentistry sedation

Sedation Dentist Dr. Han of VIP Dentistry in Chino Hills sees many patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

If you experience anxiety before your dental appointment, you are not alone.  Nearly 50% of our population avoids dental care because of fear.  Many times, what is considered a routine dental fix can turn into a more severe dental issue because people put off seeing their dental care professional until the very last minute due to fear or nervousness.

Whether you have a mild nervousness about sitting in the dentist’s chair, or a severe fear of dentistry, sedation dentistry may be the answer.

Sedation offers relaxation and increased comfort, and can allow for an entirely painless dental experience.  A wide range of patients can benefit from this sedation dentistry.

Many patients with TMD, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder prefer sedation dentistry.  TMD sufferers experience jaw pain as well as pops and clicks when opening and closing their mouths.  This leads to an unpleasant time in the dentist’s chair if fully awake.

Sedation makes it possible for cosmetic dentistry and full mouth reconstruction to be performed in comfort, with little or no memory of the procedure.

For patients in fragile health or with special needs like Parkinsons or Cerebral Palsy, sedation dentistry is the only way they can obtain the dental care they need.

Sedation dentistry is also of great benefit for people who don’t have time for multiple, successive appointments, or for those who have a resistance to local anesthetic.

Whatever your reason for sedation dentistry, Dr. Han of VIP Dentistry in Chino Hills has the experience to help you have a comfortable, safe and relaxed dental experience.

Dr. Han offers a personal consultation for general or sedation dentistry.  You can also call the friendly staff of VIP Dentistry at 909-597-17170 to schedule an appointment.

Chino Hills Dentist Dr. Han Discusses Teeth Grinding

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ChinoHillsDentist_Dr. Han

Do you clench your teeth together tightly during the day out of habit? Have you been told by a sleep partner or family member that you grind or “gnash” your teeth at night?

The technical term for this condition in which you clench or grind teeth together while contracting jaw muscles is called “bruxism.” People with serious cases of bruxism should consult with their gnathologist, or dentist who focuses on all aspects of teeth, jaw and the chewing process as a whole.

In a normal 12 hour day, the upper and lower teeth come in contact during normal chewing for only 25-30 minutes.  If you are suffering from sleep bruxism, the upper and lower teeth may be in contact for as much as 40 minutes per hour of sleep!

Bruxism can result in worn down teeth.  Additional signs that you may be experiencing bruxism include headaches, tired jaw muscles and jaw pain.  Anxiety, stress, coffee, tea, alcohol/drug use and some anti-depressants can increase the risk of bruxism.

Bruxism can be mild, with only a few symptoms, or it can be severe and continuous.  If it’s the latter, bruxism can cause major damage to all structures associated with chewing — the teeth, gums, bone, muscles and the structures of the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ).  This leads to inflammation, and even dislocation of the cartilage.

Bruxism, combined with bad bite, or misalignment of the teeth are dental causes of TMD, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.

TMD is a common, debilitating condition characterized by severe headaches, jaw pain, jaw joint noises like clicking and popping, jaw locking and  grinding teeth, very sensitive teeth, and an intermittent ringing in the ears.  Bruxism is one of the symptoms of TMD, but TMD can also CAUSE bruxism.

FOSA – a therapy that does wonders for TMD patients – is also helpful in treating buxism.  FOSA stands for F.A.C.E Orthopedic Stabilizing Appliance.  It is a removable, hard acrylic appliance that will eliminate all the physical stress from your teeth, muscles and joints and protect your teeth from grinding damage.

The FOSA therapy effectively protects esthetic porcelain and resin restorations from the ravages of nocturnal bruxing and clenching.  FOSA therapy is sometimes used in conjunction with other dental treatments such as onlays and inlays to cure TMD without surgery.

If you are experiencing any teeth grinding, jaw pain, chewing discomfort or headaches, it’s important to see a  trained gnathologist like Dr. Han who can accurately diagnose your symptoms and offer a systematic approach using C.E.O. Dentistry, the most precise and consistent way to bring your mouth to health where your teeth, gum, bite, jaw joints and muscles are comfortable.

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Patience, expertise in handling my serious TMJ issues has been beyond exceptional.

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I have had about two decades of ongoing TMJ issues that require careful and persistent use of a nighttime appliance during all sleeping hours. The term ‘power grinder’ was once applied in reference to my nighttime bruxism and truly seemed appropriate to describe the sheer magnitude of forces unleashed onto my worn teeth during episodes of nighttime grinding.

Not surprisingly, I’ve cracked several teeth during those unfortunate moments when, exhausted from a long day, I unexpectedly fell asleep without my appliance on. I often chose to keep moderately well-fitting splints unchanged for longer than recommended – because i feared the risk of changing the splint and perhaps undergoing greater discomfort thereafter.

This was my scenario before meeting Dr. Han. He immediately began to change that situation.The first nighttime appliance he very conservatively touched up for me immediately exceeded my expectations. The entirely new one he made for me thereafter simply blew me away.

I have NEVER been this comfortable with a new splint in my entire past two decades of wearing splints. It bears weight so evenly and appropriately over its whole surface. I can’t explain it but to say – it’s as close to perfect as is humanly possible. Dr. Han is the only dentist I have EVER found that is capable of making splint after splint feel exactly well-fitted to both my joints and teeth.I could find no one with the proper mixture of talented artistry and obsessive orientation to detail that would be required to fit one of these things perfectly.

Dr. Han knows the equation…and he spends however many hours are required to finish that equation properly. I have actually been shocked by the increasing levels of TMJ comfort Dr. Han seems to both promise…and actually prove good on over time. It doesn’t surprise me that he came up with this technique by trial and error – after long study and research in a clinical setting. His history as a TMJ sufferer himself in times past seems to have contributed to his sympathy for those of us who suffer with this condition. It seems to have additionally provided him with a very personal and passionate drive to perfect his craft in this regard.

I wasn’t surprised to find out that he is a leader of his field in regards to OSA Therapy – or Occlusal Stabilizing Appliance Therapy. It is easy to see that he is a natural professor and open-minded thinker. You can see the researcher and educator in him reveling in the challenge that each unique TMD patient presents when they walk through the door.

In any case, this review is my small way of showing my heartfelt thanks to him for his innovative methodology, consummate professionalism, and patient dedication to detail. Thank you again, Dr. Han. You have my lasting gratitude!

Babara Oh (Pasadena, CA)

My experience with FOSA Therapy

September 15, 2010 - One Response

Last year: I had had some major dental work. My dentist personally recommended that I get a nightguard because I grind my teeth. Unfortunately, I did not listen to him, beause at that time my teeth were not bothering me.

On July 15, 2010: I had some more dental work. I cracked my crown due to my severe grinding. I had to replace that cracked crown. My Dentist recommended getting a FOSA to prevent such damage in the future.  Again, I did not listen to him since it costs another expense.

Soon after, I started experiencing headaches behind my left ear and jaw. I back tracked and thought ok maybe it was my teeth but they were not hurting. So I thought they were just migraines. As time went on, I experienced more headaches and migraines. Starting on Ibuprofen 800 mg. and over the counter sinus medication. This always helped before but not any more.

July 20, 2010: I made an appointment with my medical doctor. She said, maybe it was because I stopped taking my prescribed medication. “OK, I thought should I start taking it again?” I opted not too. Side effects started to occur and this is why I stopped.

July 26, 2010: I had scheduled another medical doctor’s appointment for an EKG, heart palpations, and on going headaches. It just wasn’t working out.

July 30, 2010: I ended up in urgent care at Kaiser. The doctor administered acupuncture on the spot, prescribed muscle relaxors and Xanax.

August 3, 2010: Dr.Scott, my general doctor had recommended a stress test. That evening I ended up at urgent care at Kaiser again. My headaches were getting worse. I was unable to work that day. I decided to call my dentist, Dr.Patel, and he had told me come into his office. I told him what I had been experiencing. He stated “Oh my God! you need a FOSA!” Those were his exact words. He had personally known of all the problem I was going through.

Finally, August 6, 2010: I was referred to Dr.David Han. He was kind enough to see me following day. Dr.Han fitted me a FOSA. He explained how it would artificially correct my bite to reduce muscle tension and help out with the grinding. I wore it that night. To my surprise the headaches were gone. Ever since then I wear it every night and have not experienced another headache. I was amazed!! I did not think it was possible. So, I am writing this letter to thank you personally.

Thank you,

Sylvia M, La Verne, CA 91750