FOSA Training

Some of dentists might say “I already know how to make a splint”. Yes, and you are probably doing the best you know how. Generally, an occlusal appliance so called “splint” or “bite plane” that was fabricated by lab is delivered “as is” to patients and forgetton. The great majority of “bite plates” or “splints” often create unanticipated results such as discomfort, pain, or worse, permanent pathologic TMJ and occlusal distortions.

F.A.C.E. Orthopedic Stabilizing Appliance, FOSA, works very differently than other appliances out there. Doctors working in General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Endodontics, Periodontics and Orthodontics could implement the FOSA therapy to their practice with less than a week of training. The course will provide the knowledge and techniques to enhance the therapeutic scope of your practice.

The FOSA Training Course is designed to assure your mastery of the protocols and the integration of these advanced skills into your daily dental practice. The FOSA Training Course includes:

  1. How F.O.S.A. works to treat Severely worn dentition, Symtomatic TJMs due to occlusal stimuli, Stabilization of the TMJs before embarking on complex restorative treatment, Stabilization of occlusion for improved results when treating Periodontal issues, Protecting Esthetic Porcelain & Resin Dentistry from the ravages of nocturnal Bruxing and Clenching
  2. How to produce the F.O.S.A. in your own office
  3. How to prepare a case for accurate lab production
  4. How to precisely fit the lab-produced F.O.S.A. to your patients
  5. How to change the occlusal scheme on the F.O.S.A. without remak

The curriculum includes lectures, small group demonstrations, hands-on practice, and follow-up mentoring support to thoroughly prepare you to integrate the FOSA therapy into your practice.

“I’ve been making the F.O.S.A in my practice for the past couple of years. Now, not a week goes by that I don’t start at least one F.O.S.A. I find these appliances to be the “true magic” in dentistry It still amazes me to see what a profound impact it creates in my patients…”    (Amir Haghshenas, D.D.S.   Los Gatos, California)


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