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About the Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education :

The Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education, otherwise known as “FACE” by its students, is a non-profit teaching foundation dedicated to the advancement of the highest standards of dental treatment. It was originally established in 1974 in an effort to offer to the practicing dentist a forum in which he could learn the philosophies and techniques necessary to develop the true quality practice. Course are characterized by an atmosphere of openness and free exchange of ideas and always the principles and techniques taught are based on scientific research and/or clinical evidence that has stood the test of time.

Address: 1310 Bayshore Highway, Burlingame, CA 94010, USA / Ph. 408-252-4076

About David S.Han, D.D.S.

Dr. David S. Han is the director of FOSA Technical Training at Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education. Dr.Han is mentor for Southern California Study Club in Orange County. Dr.Han has refined the F.O.S.A technique and presented at the Table Clinics, during General Assembly of American Academy of Restorative Dentistgry, Chicago(2008) and Annual Meeting of International Academy of Gnathology, Tucson, Arizona(2009). Dr.Han  also lectured on “Equilibration and Restorative Treatment”  at California Dental Convention, Anaheim(2005). He has completed Advanced Restorative and Adhesive/Aesthetic Dentistry at Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education(2004), Completed Advanced Gnathological Laboratory Technician’s Course at F.A.C.E.(2003), Completed Advanced Dental Education Coninuums Level I, II and III, The Pankey Institute(1997-1998), Completed Esthetic and Contemporary Restorative Dentistry Mini-Residency, UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry(1997), Completed General Practice Residency, UCLA(1992), Graduated from UCLA School of Dentistry(1991).


VIP Dentistry by David S.Han, D.D.S.

4200 Chino Hills Pkwy Suite 355, CA 91709

Ph. 909-597-1770


2 Responses

  1. Dear Dr. Han,

    I would personally like to Thank-You for going above and beyond as a Dentist an opening your office to treat my Sister-in-law who was visiting from New Jersey to alleviate the pain that she was in due to her bridge chipping on July 4th. She was so impressed that you answered your cell phone and did not hesitate to set up an appointment that day. After she was treated by you she informed me that she was so impressed with your concerns regarding her follow up procedure with her own dentist and also the information that you supplied regarding her current condition of her teeth.


    Ruth Delaney

  2. Dr. Han – thank you so very much for taking the time to open your office for me over the holiday weekend. I’ve never had anyone explain a procedure in such detail, reassuring me that my problem could be resolved with the correct treatment. My only regret is that,living out-of-state, I am unable to follow up with you.

    Again, I thank you and Mrs. Han for your generosity.


    Barbara Delaney

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