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You Could Benefit from TMJ Bite Stabilizing Therapy
November 15, 2013


Your Chino Hills Dentist will tell you that if your teeth have been wearing down or you have been experiencing pain, it may be time to schedule an appointment with your Dentist in Chino Hills, Dr. David S. Han. 

Of course, before your Chino Hills Dentist determines whether changes need to be made to your bite, he will take time to see how your teeth are fitting together, the function of your jaw joints, and find out exactly how your neck and head muscles work together. Dr, Han will make sure that the root of your pain is actually caused by dental problems and not some other medical issue. 


TMJ Bite Stabilizing Therapy, or FOSA Therapy, from your Dentist in Chino Hills is a procedure that can help with temporomandibular joint problems. Located on each side of your head, these joints are located in front of your ears. Although the term TMJ is referring to the joint itself, it is often used to label disorders in the same region. 


According to VIP Dentist in Chino Hills, TMJ is usually caused by some sort of physical stress occurring around the TMJ. Some of these could include blood vessels, nerves, teeth, muscles in the neck, face and jaw or cartilage located on the disk of the TMJ. Although TMJ is a mystery to some, your Chino Hills Dentist will tell you that some of the causes could include teeth grinding, a bad bite, or excessive stress as not everyone who grinds their teeth deals with TMJ. 


Dr. Han understands that every patient is different and that there is not always a known cause for TMJ. Believe it or not, poor posture could be another reason that you may be suffering from TMJ. 

You could benefit from scheduling an appointment with your Dentist in Chino Hills if you have difficulty chewing or biting, hear a popping or clicking sound when you open and close your mouth or experience a dull ache in your face. Other symptoms of TMJ include headaches, earaches and jaw pain. 

As the director of the FOSA Therapy Program, your Chino Hills Dentist is the only one who can determine the next course of action if you believe you may be suffering from TMJ. Schedule an appointment with VIP Dentistry in Chino Hills and get to the root of your pain today.