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The Best Chino Hills Dentist for Cosmetic Contouring
July 26, 2013


If you have been searching for the best Chino Hills Dentist, look no further than Dr. David S. Han from VIP Dentistry. Not every Chino Hills Dentist takes the same approach. When you schedule an appointment with this Chino Hills Dentist, you will soon discover that Dr. Han is a Chino Hills Dentist that offers services such as cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, full mouth reconstruction, implants, crowns, fixed bridges, dentures, root canal therapy, tooth extraction, gum or periodontal therapy and sedation dentistry

man_smilingAccording to Wikihow, your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you, and if your teeth are chipped or discolored it is time to schedule an appointment with a Chino Hills Dentist. Your Chino Hills Cosmetic Dentist can provide you with tooth bleaching or whitening, immediate orthodontic treatment, composite veneer bonding and cosmetic contouring. When you make an appointment with your Chino Hills Cosmetic Dentist, he and his professional team from VIP Dentistry will be able to determine what treatment is best for your particular needs.


Cosmetic contouring is a procedure that will reshape your teeth instantly. When your Chino Hills Dentist cosmetically contours your teeth, your smile will be magically transformed in just one appointment. If your teeth are crowded, make an appointment with the best Chino Hills Dentist, VIP Dentistry. Just like a magician, Dr. Han has the ability to create an illusion of alignment and uniformity without anesthesia.  


Cosmetic contouring can help with all sorts of conditions including small chips or fractures, long teeth, and uneven teeth. Contact your Chino Hills Dentist if you have front teeth with sharp edges or front teeth that are worn. 

By reshaping your gum tissue with cosmetic gum contouring, your Chino Hills Dentist can give you the confidence you need to flash those pearly whites. Excessive gums give the appearance of short and stubby teeth, but when you schedule an appointment with VIP Dentistry your gorgeous smile will no longer be hindered. Cosmetic gum contouring is a safe and effective procedure that will improve your smile.  


Stop covering your mouth when you speak and request an appointment online, or call the Chino Hills Dentist office. It’s amazing how much confidence you have when you are not afraid to smile.

Take a peek inside our Chino Hills Cosmetic Dental Office
July 16, 2013

Thanks for watching our video.  Our entire team prides itself on the most caring, warm and friendly dental care possible.  Dr. Han is a true perfectionist and we look forward to meeting you.

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Before & After Patient Portfolio by Dr. David S. Han, D.D.S., a cosmetic, implant and general dentist in Chino Hills, CA. This video shows an accurate and precise dentistry that is beautiful and long lasting by Dr. Han’s highly acclaimed Comprehensive, Esthetic and Occlusal (CEO) approach.

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Dr. Han delivers an accurate and precise dentistry that is beautiful and long lasting by applying the highly acclaimed Comprehensive, Esthetic and Occlusal (C.E.O.) approach to dentistry in a comfortable, safe and relaxed environment.*

Dr. Han is a gnathologist, a dentist who studies the chewing (masticatory) system, including its physiology, functional disturbances, and treatment. His passion is to provide his patients with the personalized and optimal dental care by continuously studying, and to teach other dentists the principles and techniques of occlusion (bite) based dentistry.