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Patience, expertise in handling my serious TMJ issues has been beyond exceptional.
March 1, 2011

I have had about two decades of ongoing TMJ issues that require careful and persistent use of a nighttime appliance during all sleeping hours. The term ‘power grinder’ was once applied in reference to my nighttime bruxism and truly seemed appropriate to describe the sheer magnitude of forces unleashed onto my worn teeth during episodes of nighttime grinding.

Not surprisingly, I’ve cracked several teeth during those unfortunate moments when, exhausted from a long day, I unexpectedly fell asleep without my appliance on. I often chose to keep moderately well-fitting splints unchanged for longer than recommended – because i feared the risk of changing the splint and perhaps undergoing greater discomfort thereafter.

This was my scenario before meeting Dr. Han. He immediately began to change that situation.The first nighttime appliance he very conservatively touched up for me immediately exceeded my expectations. The entirely new one he made for me thereafter simply blew me away.

I have NEVER been this comfortable with a new splint in my entire past two decades of wearing splints. It bears weight so evenly and appropriately over its whole surface. I can’t explain it but to say – it’s as close to perfect as is humanly possible. Dr. Han is the only dentist I have EVER found that is capable of making splint after splint feel exactly well-fitted to both my joints and teeth.I could find no one with the proper mixture of talented artistry and obsessive orientation to detail that would be required to fit one of these things perfectly.

Dr. Han knows the equation…and he spends however many hours are required to finish that equation properly. I have actually been shocked by the increasing levels of TMJ comfort Dr. Han seems to both promise…and actually prove good on over time. It doesn’t surprise me that he came up with this technique by trial and error – after long study and research in a clinical setting. His history as a TMJ sufferer himself in times past seems to have contributed to his sympathy for those of us who suffer with this condition. It seems to have additionally provided him with a very personal and passionate drive to perfect his craft in this regard.

I wasn’t surprised to find out that he is a leader of his field in regards to OSA Therapy – or Occlusal Stabilizing Appliance Therapy. It is easy to see that he is a natural professor and open-minded thinker. You can see the researcher and educator in him reveling in the challenge that each unique TMD patient presents when they walk through the door.

In any case, this review is my small way of showing my heartfelt thanks to him for his innovative methodology, consummate professionalism, and patient dedication to detail. Thank you again, Dr. Han. You have my lasting gratitude!

Babara Oh (Pasadena, CA)